Girl, you’re “FLAWLESS”

Hi friends!

I’m excited to be starting my “Friday Favorites”! I thought it would be helpful to create a blog post with all the goooood stuff (tips, specifics, links, how-to’s, etc) so you can refer back to anything you want to find.

Can you guess what this week’s “favorite” is? Starts with flaw and ends with less.

Flaw. Less.


I never noticed the opposite effect the word had. Many of us see others and think “She is flawless, they are flawless, he is flawless” and then we look at ourself and we think “I have so many flaws, I hate my flaws” and “I am less than her, I am less than them, I am less”. Yet, you are being seen as flawless in another’s eyes. Why do we do this to ourselves?! No one is flawless, but everyone has amazing things that make them, THEM.


This week I am focusing on something that makes ME feel confident, and that is looking sun-kissed.

The problem is, my job has me indoors most days. I don’t use tanning beds because duh, skin cancer, so the next best thing is a SELF TANNER!!

I have tried Many different self tanners that have made me feel sticky for hours, orange, or stinky.  But the one I always come back to is Flawless Fake Bake. It’s basically a unicorn in a bottle, especially for the price.I love it for these reasons:

  1. It’s never streaky
  2. You look like you just came back from Bachelor in Paradise.
  3. VERY fast drying
  4. Immediate color
  5. Smells tropical
  6. Fast acting
  7. Affordable

AND I FOUND IT FOR YOU FOR $13.50!!!! (Btw that is even cheaper than my cosmetology license store)


(Link comes with spray bottle and mitt applicator)

 Simply spray product a few times onto mitt.

Apply it to your desired areas by rubbing the mitt in circular motions.

Be careful to apply to all areas or you’ll have patches without color (you’ll notice, the color is immediate)

I like to apply when I’m fresh out of the shower. DO NOT MOISTURIZE before applying self tanner. It won’t stick and stay on your skin.

Wait 6-8 hours minimum before washing it off. Sometimes I sleep with it on, other times I apply after my morning shower and shower it off later. When you wash off the product, you’ll notice color coming off in shower. That is the immediate bronze the product gives you. Your skin will still keep much of the color, just much more natural. Now you can apply lotion after washing it off.

Here are the links!

  1. Fake Bake Flawless (for fairer skin tones, or for people that want a slight change in color)
  2. Fake Bake Flawless Darker ( I use this, I prefer to look darker)
  3. Swimsuit Stella McCartney (Sold out)

I hope you love it just as much as I do!

xo, Marisa

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