Nordstrom Beauty Sale- my everyday products.

While restocking my must have’s for my makeup kit, I stumbled upon a Nordstrom beauty sale on my FAVORITE and everyday makeup (that also neverrr go on sale).

I’m not joking guys, I really do use these products on the daily basis, and on most of my clients! Not sure how long they still stay on sale or in stock.. so RUN!!!!!

I posted on Instagram story how-to video’s of how I use my most coveted everyday products. Everything but two products were found in the sale! I got requests to add the video’s to my blog, so they are a little choppy but I hope it’ll be helpful for you to go back and watch if you do get the products but forget how to apply!

(Best part, Nordstrom has free shipping, and returns…even on used product! Gives you a peace of mind incase you don’t love certain products you try!)




In order of what steps and products I use on my video, I have linked the product that are on sale! (Click on product name for link)




I hope you love these product’s just as much as I do!

xo, Marisa

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